21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12)

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Learn 21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12) approach with free online course from Stanford Graduate School of Education.

21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12) course description

This course is designed to help anyone learn and teach with a 21st-century approach to knowledge and teaching. We hope the ideas will help you as a person and help you learn new teaching ideas to share with learners. The course includes a focus on data literacy, and shares content knowledge and teaching ideas for that area. If you are having thoughts of “I don’t know a lot about data” or “That sounds very maths-ey and I don’t like maths,” don’t worry — this course is designed to be accessible to you.

Whether you are a kindergarten teacher, a high school history or maths teacher, an administrator or parent, or someone just curious about data, there will be ideas for you. By taking this course, you are agreeing to participate in studies that we may conduct as part of our ongoing research into online learning.

Target Audience: K-12 parents, teachers, and administrators; lifelong learners

Learning objectives

At the end of this course, learners will:

  • understand the limitless learning potential of all students and have ways to communicate this information to students;
  • understand the nature of our data-filled world and the meaning of data science;
  • understand the importance of data literacy for all students;
  • understand data analysis tools and different ways to analyze and visualize data;
  • understand the cross-curricular nature of data literacy and learning; and
  • develop exciting data-filled lessons for all students.

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Course Details: 21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12)





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21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12)
21st-Century Teaching & Learning (K-12)