Agile project management with SCRUM

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Learn Agile project management with SCRUM and earn a certificate with this MOOC from Google. Learn the principles of Agile software development! Discover how a SCRUM team plans a sprint, builds feedback into each cycle, creates retrospectives, and holds daily stand ups.

Course description: Agile project management with SCRUM

We live in an era where businesses operate in an environment of incredible technological innovation and where customers have more choice than ever before. How do we build a product that customers love while also helping a business achieve its objectives?

This requires being able to cope with a fast-changing environment, to respond to changing customer needs, to experiment, and learn quickly. It is in this context that Agile Methodologies have become a popular choice for project management frameworks in product development.

Course content

  • Learn the principles of Agile Project Management
  • Discover the SCRUM framework and the product owner role
  • Prepare requirements in SCRUM

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Course Details: Agile project management with SCRUM






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Agile project management with SCRUM
Agile project management with SCRUM