MongoDB for Python Developers

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Interested in learning how to develop Python apps with MongoDB? This free certificate course from MongoDB experts is the best place to start. Gain new skills and advance your career.

MongoDB for Python Developers course description

This course will teach you how to use MongoDB as the database for a Python application. You will play the role of a back-end developer for a Python application, where your job is to implement the application’s communication with MongoDB. Using the Python driver you will read and write data to the database, use the aggregation framework, manage the configuration of the database client, and create a robust application by handling exceptions and timeouts.

Learning objectives

  • You’ll build the back-end for a movie-browsing application called MFlix.
  • Using the Pymongo driver for Python, you will implement MFlix’s basic functionality. This includes basic and complex movie searches, registering new users, and posting comments on the site.
  • You will also add more features to the MFlix application. This includes writing analytical reports, increasing the durability of MFlix’s connection with MongoDB, and implementing security best practices.

Prerequisites: We highly recommend taking M001 prior to taking this course. A basic understanding of MongoDB’s document model will help you get the most out of this course.

Course content

  • Introduction and Setup
  • Driver Setup
  • User-Facing Backend
  • Admin Backend
  • Resiliency
  • Final Exam

Get a free certificate of completion

You will receive a final grade but the grade won’t be on your proof of completion. To receive a proof of completion, you will need to achieve 65% on graded material. There are three different types of assessments within the course: quizzes, labs and final exam. Quizzes don’t count toward your grade but will help you check your understanding. The labs will comprise one half of your grade and the final exam/project one half of your grade. Unfortunately, due to a large number of students and in the interest of fairness, late assignments cannot be accepted.

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