Free Oracle Training & Accreditation with Oracle Learning Explorer

Gain new skills and advance your career with free Oracle training & accreditation from Oracle Learning Explorer. Oracle announce the launch of Oracle Learning Explorer, a new program that will empower professionals across the globe to start their journey towards acquiring IT skills without the barrier of cost.

Introducing Oracle Learning Explorer

Oracle Learning Explorer is the best way to start building your functional knowledge of Oracle’s Cloud solutions – solutions used by Fortune 500 companies across the world that employ hundreds of thousands of professionals.

Program overview

  • Free entry-level training organized by real-world job roles
  • Learning paths for Oracle Cloud Applications, Infrastructure, Autonomous Database, & more
  • A complimentary quiz to test and validate knowledge
  • Over 50 Explorer basic badges to showcase accreditation

We hope this program will help companies and professionals alike get started on the path to strengthening their IT knowledge base to better compete, perform, and grow.

Start learning for free today. Become an Oracle Learning Explorer:

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