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Gain new skills and earn a free professional certificate and badge on Personal Safety and Security from Save the Children.

About the Personal Safety and Security Certificate program

In this 2.5-hour assessment-based Personal Safety and Security Certificate Program, you will learn how to prepare for, mitigate and respond to risks in order to deliver on your mission. This certificate program includes ten short online courses and a test which can be easily taken on a mobile phone, tablet or PC. Each course includes a downloadable PDF version for offline viewing.

Topics include risk mitigation techniques, procedures to prepare for and reduce risks associated with overseas travel and deployment, modes of communication and their use in the field, minimizing vulnerabilities and biases, reducing risks working in high-risk areas, and techniques to avoid and respond to arrest and detention situations.

Developed in partnership with Save the Children, successful completion of the courses and passing a thirty-question test earns you a Certificate issued by Save the Children and DisasterReady and a digital badge recognising you have accomplished the learning outcomes for this program. You can take the test as many times as needed to achieve a passing score.

Program content

In this free training program, you’ll learn:

  • Personal security awareness
  • Preparing to travel
  • Vehicle travel safety and security
  • Field communications
  • How criminals select their victims
  • Preventing physical assaults, sexual assaults, and robbery
  • Working in a high-risk environment
  • Arrest and detention
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Personal Safety and Security test

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