Registered Health Information Technician (RHIT®)

While most RHITs work in hospitals, they are also found in other healthcare settings including office-based physician practices, nursing homes, home health agencies, mental health facilities, and public health agencies. RHITs may also be employed in any organization that uses patient data or health information, such as pharmaceutical companies, law and insurance firms, and health product vendors.


  • Ensure the quality of medical/health records by verifying their completeness, accuracy, and proper entry into computer systems.
  • Use computer applications to assemble and analyze patient data for the purpose of improving patient care or controlling costs.
  • Often specialize in coding diagnoses and procedures in patient records for reimbursement and research. An additional role for RHITs is a cancer registrar — compiling and maintaining data on cancer patients.

As of Aug 24, 2020, the average annual pay for the RHIT jobs category in the United States is $60,585 a year

RHIT® Certification Eligibility Requirements

Candidates must meet one of the following eligibility requirements to sit for the RHIT examination:

  • Successfully complete the academic requirements, at an associate degree level, of a Health Information Management (HIM) program accredited by the  Commission on Accreditation for Health Informatics and Information Management Education (CAHIIM); or
  • Successfully complete the academic requirements, at a bachelor’s degree level, of a Health Information Management (HIM) program from an accredited college or university; or
  • Graduate from an HIM program approved by a foreign association with which AHIMA has a reciprocity agreement

RHIT® Certification Exam Specifications 

The RHIT is a timed exam. Candidates have 3.5 hours to complete the exam. The total number of questions on the exam range between 130 and 160 total items. The exam is given in a computer-based format.  AHIMA exams contain a variety of questions or item types that require you to use your knowledge, skills, and/or experience to select the best answer. Each exam includes scored questions and pre-test questions randomly distributed throughout the exam. Pre-test questions are not counted in the final results.

The passing score for the RHIT is 300. Competencies for RHITs fall into six domains. Each domain accounts for a specific percentage of the total questions on the certification exam. See the Exam Content Outline below for greater detail.

RHIT® certification exam fees: $229

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