Intermediate B1-B2 French Language

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Course description – French Intermediate course B1-B2

Compliant with the requirements of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, this course in intermediate B1-B2 French language is part of the dual teaching system of “training through technology” and “language and interculturalism” set up by IP Paris. It is intended for students who wish to pursue higher study in France.

The course offers an immersion into the student world through videos, multi-format texts, short excerpts of films, and authentic video material in which French and international students living in France express their views. Students enrolled in the course will thus have the chance to discover the French higher education system and life in France; through its culture, literature, films, newscasts, documentaries and language (both standard and more colloquial), while also learning how to attend class, how to take notes and how assessment works in France.

The class is divided into 6 weeks, each dealing with a different theme:

  • Week 1: Arriving in France
  • Week 2: Adapting to live in France
  • Week 3: Becoming a student in France
  • Week 4: Attending class
  • Week 5: Communicating and integrating
  • Week 6: Living in France

During these weeks, students will be able to work on both their oral and written comprehension and expression, as well as their grammar and vocabulary through various video lessons. They will then be able to test their knowledge by taking a number of quizzes. Each week, discussions and debates will be held on the forum. Each student will thus be able to progress at their own pace and improve their oral and written French. By the end of the MOOC, in terms of their skills, students will have acquired the level of French required to take classes under the French university system, but they will also be ready to adapt to their new environment in the best possible conditions. The objectives of the class are thus linguistic, cultural and practical.

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