Cisco Junior Cybersecurity Analyst

Cyber threats affect us all, and cybersecurity jobs continue to grow. In fact, cybersecurity failure is among the top 5 global risks according to the World Economic Forum Global Risks Report (2021). The world needs diverse, tech-savvy cyber professionals to defend against shrewd digital adversaries.

This Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path prepares you for the entry-level Cisco Certified Support Technician (CCST) Cybersecurity certification and entry-level cybersecurity positions such as Cybersecurity Technician, Cybersecurity Analyst, or Tier 1 Help Desk Support roles. You will learn vital skills like threat intelligence, network security, and risk management to protect yourself and organizations from cyber attacks. If you enjoy solving puzzles, are passionate about technology, and like working in teams, the field of cybersecurity may be a great fit for you!

Earn a digital badge for successfully completing this pathway to verify your knowledge. Then you can take the CCST Cybersecurity certification exam to earn an industry-recognized certification for your resume.

Start your Cybersecurity career today with courses and resources that are online and free.

Training syllabus for Cisco Junior Cybersecurity Analyst

In this career path training, you will learn :

  • Introduction to Cybersecurity: Explore the exciting field of cybersecurity and why cybersecurity is a future-proof career.
  • Networking Basic: Start learning the basics of computer networking and discover how networks operate.
  • Networking Devices and Initial Configuration Networking Devices and Initial Configuration: Continue learning networking essentials and build your foundational skills.
  • Endpoint Security Endpoint Security: Learn to secure your network all the way to the edge.
  • Network Defense Network Defense: Learn how to monitor and protect your network and evaluate security alerts.
  • Cyber Threat Management Cyber Threat Management: Learn about cybersecurity governance and build your skills to manage threats.
  • Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path Exam Junior Cybersecurity Analyst Career Path Exam: Test your knowledge on content from the entire Cybersecurity Pathway and earn a digital badge to verify your skills.


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