Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate Review

Google Data Analytics Certificate is an in-demand certification for the position of Data Analyst.

In this guide, we will walk you through all that you need to know concerning the Google Data Analytics Certificate. In a short term, you will get an insight into the Google Data Analytics Certification, the time for completion, the contents covered in it, and the job opportunities as well.

Let’s get down in detail!

What is Google Data Analytics Certification?

The Google Data Analytics Certificate will give you the essential knowledge and the practical in-demand skills essential as a Data Analyst. This certification is offered by Google and they are developed by the Google data engineers on board. But, it is offered by Coursera to reach a wide audience.

Data Analytics is the process of collecting, transforming, and organizing information accordingly to aid the decision-making process. This also aids to make conclusions, reports, and predictions.

You don’t need any degree or experience nor there are no any prerequisites to start this course.

How long does it take to complete the Google Data Analytics Certificate?

There are 8 courses to achieve the pivot Google Data Analytics Certificate. The student requires 181 hours and it can be split as per the availability and complete the course at the earliest.

If you spend 10 hours per week, you would be able to complete the entire course in just 6 months.

At the end of the journey with Data Analysts, you will be a successful and skilled junior data analyst.

What You’ll Learn?

There are phases of learning with the Google Data Analytics Certificate. The following are the key learnings throughout this course:

  • The key analytical skills namely data cleansing, data analysis, and visualization.
  • Learn the tasks and processes performed as a Junior data analyst
  • Learn to use the essential tools productively including spreadsheets, R, SQL, and Tableau.
  • Learn to present data analysis reports on visual platforms effectively for decision-making.
  • Learn to handle various projects with practical experience.

What are the skills you gain?

The skills are the key points required for Data Analytics as during the recruitment, the skills are checked practically at a point.

The following are the key skills assessment focused on the Google Data Analytics Certification:

  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Analytics
  • Data Visualization
  • Data Collection
  • Data Ethics
  • Metadata
  • Spreadsheet
  • SQL
  • Questioning
  • Decision-making
  • Problem-solving
  • Sample Size Determination

How Much Does Google Data Analytics Certification Cost?

The entire cost of Google Data Analytics Certification is $392. This includes the Coursera Plus Subscription of $49 per month as well.

So, as long as you take, you need to pay the monthly subscription for Coursera to complete this course.

What are the job opportunities served?

The Google Data Analytics Certification will set the basics to help you reach a wider job market. The following are the key job listings on demand for this certification:

  • Junior or Associate Data Analyst
  • Database administrator
  • Associate data analyst
  • Finance Analyst
  • Operations Analyst
  • Data technician
  • Business performance analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Healthcare Analyst

Moreover, the average salary for Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate is $67,900.

Google Data Analytics Certificate Course Contents

As mentioned above, there is 8-course content in Google Data Analytics Certificate. The following is the course content:

  1. Foundations: Data, Data, Everywhere: The foundation drives you through an introduction to data analysis, data processing, and data presentations in depth with grade assignments and multiple choice quizzes.
  2. Ask Questions to Make Data-Driven Decisions: The second course helps to ask the right questions while dealing with data analysis. They will teach you about structured thinking as well.
  3. Prepare Data For Exploration: Here, you will begin to deal with data using spreadsheets and SQL. It is a practical session covering all the tools in detail.
  4. Process Data from Dirty to Clean: You’ll learn to do data cleansing via spreadsheets and SQL effectively.
  5. Analyze Data to Answer Questions: The fifth course will help you to use advanced formulas in spreadsheets and SQL statements to find answers to complex questions.
  6. Share Data Through the Art of Visualization: It is important to learn how to present the extracted data effectively. To fulfill this purpose, you will learn to use Tableau to make presentations.
  7. Data Analysis with R Programming: Programming in R language is very interesting but it is very important for Data Analysis.
  8. Data Analytics Capstone Project: Complete a Case Study: Once you have completed this course, you can complete this case study. This is an optional section but it is worth giving it a go!

Is Google Data Analyst professional certificate worth it?

Yes, the Google Data Analyst professional certificate is worth it. The certificate will help you to gain insight into many foundations and fundamental concepts to be a perfect Data Analyst.

As per our research, we gathered the main reasons to show you the worth of the course:

  • Sets the basic knowledge essential to turn to a Data Analyst: It covers in-depth details enhancing analytical skills, data governance, security issues, visualization, and many more!
  • A properly structured program: The course content is organized and broken down in a structured format to organize your learning path accordingly.
  • There are plenty of learning resources: Even if you lack some knowledge, external links are given to brush up on some required. So, the course is created the extra mile to make you the best in all.
  • Excellent Certification Credential: The final Certificate is made impressive and consoling to the employers alongside a badge by Credly.
  • Consist a Capstone Data Project: The capstone project would cover all the essential data skills and the knowledge gathered in the entire course. It is an optional project but essential to pursue your career to the next level.


In conclusion, we can conclude that the Google Data Analytics Certificate is worth the course to be a Data Analyst. If you complete this course, you will have the opportunity to face a wide job market and pursue a fabulous career path.

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