IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science certification is an on-demand program on data analytics and data science. It is offered by the institution IBM through the platform Coursera. Whether you want to pursue your career in Data Analytics, Data Science, or Machine Learning, get started with the IBM Data Science Certification.

In this guide, we will walk through the importance of choosing IBM’s Data Science Professional Certificate in your career, the cost in terms of value and time, job opportunities, course content, skillset, and the worth and ease or difficulty of this certification.

Let’s get down in detail.

What is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate?

IBM Data Science is an online certification offered by the professionals of IBM. The main aim of this course is to build the skills required for a Data Analyst in the field.

Also, this is a 100% remote and online program facilitating all the students around the world to join the IBM Data Science certification. It is highly recommended for individuals who do not have any experience in data analytics enroll in this certificate.

Any individual who doesn’t have prior knowledge in computer science or any programming language can take over IBM Data Science certification and develop their skills and learnings. They cover all the essential factors from the skills, tools, portfolio, theories, and practicals to enter the beginner job role.

Note: IBM Data Science certification is an ACE program. Once you complete the certification, you gain 12 college credits.

Once you complete the certification, you can gain the following,

  • IBM Data Science certification
  • Digital badge from IBM
  • 12 college credits

Did you know that many students around the world over 100K had already enrolled in IBM Data Science to master their skills?

How long does it take to complete the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate?

The entire time taken for the completion of the IBM’s Data Science Professional certificate is 176 hours. If you can utilize 8 hours per week and 32 hours a month in total, you can complete the certification in 6 months.

If you can spend more than 8 hours per week, here you go – you can complete the certification in less than 6 months. Does it sound exciting?

What You’ll Learn?

Among the data analysis and data science studies, the following are the key learnings of IBM’s Data Science certification:

  • Learn in-depth about data science, data science job roles, and the way to put each into practice.
  • Gain hands-on experience with many tools, languages, and libraries related to data scientist roles and responsibilities.
  • Practice and learn to import and clean data sets and machine learning
  • Learn to analyze and visualize data to build various models and pipelines using Python
  • Learn to handle and use real-world data sets effectively.

What are the skills you gain?

The IBM Data Science certification promotes and enhances several skills through their learning pathway.

The following are the key skills focused on this certification:

  • Data Science
  • Deep Learning
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Data Mining
  • GitHub
  • Python Programming
  • Jupyter notebooks
  • R-Studio
  • Methodology
  • Data Analysis

How Much Does IBM Data Science Professional Certification Cost?

The cost of completion of IBM’s Data Science certification depends on the duration you take to complete it. Generally, Coursera takes $39 per month as its subscription.

If it takes 6 months to complete, it is $234 (6 months x $39). If it takes 8 months to complete, it is $312 (8 months x $39).

Generally, the subscription cost multiplies by the number of months taken for completion.

What are the job opportunities with this certification?

The IBM’s Data Science certificate targets students who are willing to pursue a career in data analytics and data science. Data analytics and data science are two in-demand job opportunities thriving in the market. The future will be constructed with these professionals to meet the demands.

The following are the key job roles offered once after the completion of IBM Data Science Professional Certificate:

  • Data Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Architect
  • Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Operations Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst

You can earn an average salary of more than $102,784 per year in any Data Science related job role as soon as you complete the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate Course Contents

The certification consists of both theoretical and practical concepts in data science and data analysis.

Generally, the certificate has several concepts. Among them, 10 are covers the theoretical sections. It includes the following:

  1. What is Data Science?: The first module walks through the introduction to Data Science, job roles, skills, and how it is used in business data analysis. It consists of short videos and quizzes to brush up on your knowledge.
  2. Tools for Data Science: The second module covers the Data Scientist’s toolkit, Open source tools, and IBM Tools for Data Science paired with an assignment.
  3. Data Science Methodology: The third-course module covers the Problem to Approach and From Requirements to Collection, From Understanding to Preparation From Modeling to Evaluation, and From Deployment to Feedback.
  4. Python for Data Science, AI, and Development: The fourth module covers Python Basics, Python Data Structures, Python Programming Fundamentals, Working with Data in Python, APIs, and Data Collection.
  5. Python project for Data Science: The fifth module is the shortest course, and it covers Web scraping in Python which helps to collect, analyze and visualize data accordingly.
  6. Databases and SQL for Data Science with Python: The sixth module covers Getting Started with SQL, Introduction to Relational Databases and Tables, Intermediate SQL, Accessing Databases using Python, Course Assignment, and Advanced SQL for Data Engineering (Honors).
  7. Data Analysis with Python: The seventh module covers Importing Datasets, Data Wrangling, Exploratory Data Analysis, Model Development, Model Evaluation, and a final assignment.
  8. Data Visualization with Python: The eighth module covers Introduction to Data Visualization Tools, Basic and Specialized Visualization Tools, Advanced Visualizations and Geospatial Data, Creating Dashboards with Plotly and Dash paired with a final project and an examination.
  9. Machine learning with Python: The ninth module covers Regression, Classification, Clustering, Recommender Systems, and a final project to wrap up all the essential factors.
  10. Applied Data Science Capstone: The final module covers an Introduction, Exploratory Data Analysis (EDA), Interactive Visual Analytics and Dashboard, Predictive Analysis (Classification), and Present Your Data-Driven Insights.

Is IBM Data Science Professional certificate worth it?

Yes! The IBM Data Science Professional Certificate is worth it. It is a professional certificate offered by IBM targetting the professional career of Data Analytics and Data Science.

You will be a part of the IBM Talent Network if you enroll in this certification. It is a wide platform that would help you to find a job sooner.

The program contents are carefully designed in an organized manner to deliver the best knowledge for the learners. They also cover the practical applications through different sessions to ensure the learner knows how to apply the theories in real-world scenarios.

When you consider the cost, it depends on how long you take to complete it. In terms of the time you spend on this certification, it is definitely worth the time you spend on it as well. Generally, the value of the course is reasonable and worth it for the time.

If you complete this course, you can reach a wide job market of over 10+ job roles. Data science-related jobs are in demand job roles in the future.

Is IBM Data Science Professional Certificate difficult?

The IBM Data Science certification is not a very difficult training. It sets the foundation and walks you through the advanced concepts in step-by-step guidance. Even if you don’t have any experience, this certification will brush up all the necessary skills.

You learn the advanced topics only after completing the fundamentals. So, you will know all the needful before stepping into the next higher level. Therefore, the certification is not very difficult as it seems.

The challenging part of this certification is the time you spend on the learning curve. It may be difficult at the beginning but, keep a hardcore goal to finish it at the earliest to reach one of the highest-paying job markets.


In conclusion, we learned a lot of information concerning the IBM Data Science Professional Certificate. It is a worthwhile course for anyone who loves to pursue a career in Data Analytics or Data science.

As soon as you complete the certification, you can get started in researching a wide variety of opportunities for an amazing career head start. You can also browse more professional certifications here. So, what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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