10 Best Data Analytics Certifications

About 2.5 quintillion bytes (or 2.5 quintillion kilobytes) of data are created daily. 175 zettabytes of data are projected to exist by 2025. Yes, that’s a whole lot of information!

There will always be a need for experts who can locate, acquire, organize, analyze, and propose changes to business practices based on data.

Businesses of many sizes, from Netflix and Google to technology companies, depend on data-driven choices to fuel innovation, attract new consumers, and maximize profits.

The expert in data analytics must be flexible enough to adopt new methods, software, and hardware as they become available. That’s why having a credential in analytics is important. The data professional depends on highly sought-after analytics credentials to ensure continued success.

There is a broad range of qualifications available in data analytics, from those granted by professional associations to those supplied by specific software vendors. Let’s check the alternatives and see which would work best for you.

What are Data Analytics?

The phrase “data analytics” is quite general and can refer to various approaches to data analysis. Data analytics methods can be used for any data to provide a useful understanding that can be used effectively.

Trends and indicators can be uncovered using data analytics methods which the sheer volume of data would otherwise obscure. With this knowledge, businesses and systems can streamline operations, leading to greater efficiency.

In the industrial sector, for instance, it is a widespread practice to keep track of equipment’s up- and downtime and the number of jobs waiting to be completed to schedule production properly.

Analytical data can accomplish so much more than just highlighting manufacturing problems. The video game industry utilizes data analytics to determine optimal player incentive schedules. Content providers use several of the same analytics to have you engaged and coming back for more.

To Sum it Up Briefly: Why is Data Analytics so Important?

Analyzing copious amounts of data is crucial because it allows companies to focus better on areas where they can achieve the greatest success.

Businesses can assist save expenses by integrating it into their model and finding new, more effective methods to run their operations.

Data analytics can also assist a firm in examining client patterns and contentment, which can result in the creation of new and improved goods and services.

The Difference Between Data Analytics Certifications and Certificates

Data analytics certificates, certifications, and courses all seem the same but have distinct meanings.

  • Earning a credential in data analytics demonstrates that you have the knowledge and abilities necessary to execute a certain profession at a high quality.
  • Completing data analytics coursework validates your education and experience in the field. Just because you hold a certificate does not mean that you are competent in the subject matter.
  • Training classes are the backbone of any data analytics certification program. There is no pathway from completing a certificate program to earning professional accreditation.

Certificates and certification programs are often not as respected as certifications. They are evidence that you have the abilities necessary to get work in the analytics field.

Certificates are useful even though they fall short of this requirement. They demonstrate to future clients that you have put effort into studying data analytics.

10 Best Data Analytics Certificates That Are Worth Every Penny

If you’re searching for the Best Data Analytics Certifications, here are the 10 best options for you that will elevate your skills to another level.

1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Under its description, this highly regarded Google course will “get you job-ready in less than six months.” According to Google, those who get their certificates will have access to an Employer Consortium of 150 different American businesses that have agreed to accept recent graduates for entry-level analytics roles. Also, here’s a quick read on Google’s Data Analytics Professional Certificate review!

This Google series is the most in-depth training material I could locate. The course videos are well-structured, high-quality, and engaging, and the forum for questions and responses is lively because of the substantial number of registered students.

During the course, you’ll learn how to use Google Sheets, SQL, R, and Tableau, four of the most common statistics programs. Learn about every step of the data analytics pipeline and get the expertise to create your applications, thanks to the material presented here.

2. Certification in Business Data Analytics by IIBA

There is a need for specialized approaches, skills, and techniques to examine, analyze, and display the massive amounts of data produced by businesses.

IIBA developed this Certification in Business Data Analytics (CBDA) to meet the needs of the business world, and its holders are in a prime position to steer the business information analytics procedures inside projects.

With the knowledge and skills you’ll gain from this certification, you’ll be able to get significant insights from data to support data-driven decision-making. Earning the IIBA-CBDA credential proves that you have the analytical chops to back up business analytics projects.

Techcanvass provides an amazing training program to help you pass the exam on your first try and thrive as a data analyst professional.

Numerous practice exams that mimic the certification examination, case studies to help students better grasp the procedures, drills, crosswords, and mind-maps are all included in this course.

3. Harvard’s Data Science Professional Certificate

HarvardX provides several online courses for faculty members to take to enhance their in-class and online pedagogical practices.

Data science fundamentals like R and machine learning are taught with practical examples in HarvardX’s Data Science Professional Certificate.

By completing the data science certification course offered by HarvardX, candidates will get the knowledge and skills necessary to address complex problems in the real world via data analysis. The expert data science certificate consists of nine courses.

These courses cover a wide range of data science-related subjects, from visual analytics to machine learning, linear regression, likelihood, and information wrangling.

4. Microsoft Certified Power BI Data Analyst Associate

People in the data science and business analysis fields who are interested in learning how to utilize Microsoft Power BI to analyze and display massive datasets.

A perfect certification to assist employees in learning how to use Power BI for data preparation, modelling, visualizing, and deploying. The ability to effectively depict data points is a key factor in driving corporate success, and this certification will equip you to do just that.

This accreditation can be obtained in two distinct methods. Students can take a self-paced online course for $165, which culminates in a certification test.

Alternatively, they can enroll in a classroom-based Microsoft partner course for three days. The fees are different for each teacher.

5. Certified Analytics Professionals (CAP)

The Certified Analytics Professional (or CAP) credential is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious in data analytics. This rigorous CAP test is a significant step up from the associate CAP certification and will set you apart from the competitors.

This certification will show employers that you know your stuff about data, whether it’s econometric prescriptive and predictive analysis, pattern identification, job task assessment, data visualization, or something else.

CAP holders must complete continuing education units every three years to keep their certification current. The data analytics certification is accessible worldwide thanks to online exams. First things first, fill out an application for the CAP.

The panel then discusses and votes on it. You will be eligible to take the test if your application is approved. Professionals in the field of analytics can take their credentials with them wherever they go with the CAP.

6. SAS Certified Data Scientist Certificate

This SAS certification aims to verify that you have the skills necessary to modify and get insights from data types utilizing a wide range of SAS tools and open-source methods and tools.

People interested in working on the commercial side of data analytics are the target audience; a solid background in big data and tech is not required.

The ultimate result is sophisticated machine learning models that can provide advice based on actual company data. To get the SAS Data Science Certification, you must pass three separate SAS exams, just as with any other SAS certification.

Professionals in SAS Data Curation, Advanced Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. A total of $540 is required to purchase all three credentials. For $1,295 per year, SAS Academy subscribers get access to all of SAS’s training and certification test preparation resources.

7. IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The IBM Data Science Professional Credential is a beginner-level certificate that displays an individual’s expertise in data science, including open-source tools and libraries, methods, Python databases, SQL, data visualization, data analysis, and machine learning.

To get the certificate, one must take nine courses (equivalent to three months of full-time study at 12 hours per week) and complete several practical exercises and data science projects. Data Science competency is verified by both a Coursera Professional Certificate and an IBM digital badge.

8. Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp 2022

Suppose you’re interested in a career as a data analyst. In that case, the Complete Data Analyst Bootcamp is one of the most intensive programs, promising a thorough grounding in all the essentials quickly.

As a data scientist, you will study how to use a wide range of tools and files and gain basic and intermediate Python programming skills.

You don’t need any previous knowledge to get started, and the instructors will even walk you through installing the Anaconda software needed to follow up with the courses.

Earn the principles that can help you succeed in an entry-level position with the help of this course. You will go through a comprehensive case study with loan data to practice your NumPy abilities and learn how to extract useful information from APIs using scripts.

You’ll learn how to effectively use data cleansing and analytical tools in your day-to-day job by getting plenty of hands-on experience with real-world data.

9. CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program

Beginning data analysts can get their certification via the CareerFoundry Data Analytics Program in only eight months. Considered by many to be the greatest all-encompassing data analytics software available today. There is more to the program than just a certificate.

It’s a program that ensures students will have employment after graduation and provides them with mentors. From the very first day, each student is paired with a mentor and a tutor who will give them advice and guidance as they navigate the academic and professional worlds.

You will graduate with a comprehensive portfolio of work to highlight your abilities to potential employers. Five months of full dedication to the program’s required 40-hour-per-week workload will get you through graduation.

If you study 15 to 20 hours per week, you can finish the program in eight months as a part-time student. This program’s first month is spent getting participants up to speed on data analytics.

10. Associate Certified Analytics Professional

If you’re just getting started in data analytics, the Associate Certified Analytics Professional (aCAP) test is a wonderful place to begin.

Numerous Fortune 100 companies, including IBM, American Express, Apple, and others, regard the aCAP certification as valid.

Joining this illustrious program is the first step toward achieving the CAP designation. INFORMS provides a CAP Prep course and a free study guide to assist you in getting ready for the test.

Is Data Analyst Certification or Certificate Worth It?

Professional certifications and credentials are useful for newcomers and seasoned professionals looking to further their careers.

A 2021 study found that “75% of Google Career Certificate Graduates in the United States reported an increase in career… after six months of certification accomplishment.” Everything from starting a new line of work or switching careers to getting a pay boost or promotion fits under this category.

The results of this study are backed by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported, in a study taken in 2020, that certified and licensed workers had the lowest employment rates and higher median incomes than their non-certified and non-licensed counterparts.

Certified Data Analysts in the United States can expect to earn an average pay of $75,456 per year, with Senior Analysts earning an average of $96,852 per year.

Closing Words: Data Analytics is the Way Forward

To advance in a data analytics job, you should consider being certified in data analytics as one of your top goals. Numerous credentials exist to increase one’s employability, and possibilities abound.

Pick a credential that fits your needs financially and where you want your career to go. It’s time to start a new adventure that will benefit you in the coming future. And for those of you who love coding, here are 10 best python courses to get started!

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