Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate

Interested in pursuing a career in Digital Marketing and E-commerce? This  Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate is for you.

Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate: What you need to know

This digital marketing & e-commerce certificate is part of Google Career Certificate Program and is awarded to individuals upon successfully completing the requirements of Google’s online digital marketing training through Coursera. It’s a way to verify the skills and education of the holder in regard to digital marketing and e-commerce techniques and strategies. Moreover, it distinguishes yourself from other marketers and increase your chances of getting hired.

More precisely,  you’ll get hands-on practice using popular digital marketing and e-commerce tools, such as Canva, Constant Contact, Hootsuite, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Shopify, Twitter, Google Ads, and Google Analytics, in under six months, no experience or degree required.

Plus, you’ll get info about jobs in these fields to help you kick off your own digital marketing or e-commerce career.

According to Payscale, the average salary of a Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certified, is $51,693 in the US. Various top companies that offer lucrative digital marketing salaries are Google, IBM, Apple, Intel, Meta, etc. After completing this certificate, you can land a job as Marketing Specialist, SEO Specialist, Search Engine Analyst, Media Planner, E-commerce Associate.

Throughout the seven courses and 190 hours of real-world instruction and practice-based assessments, in this certificate program, you will gain in-demand skills in different topics:

  • foundations of digital marketing and e-commerce
  • attracting and engaging customers with digital marketing
  • interacting with customers online
  • email marketing
  • marketing analytics and measurement
  • building, launching, and managing e-commerce stores
  • developing customer loyalty online

The Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Certificate will cost $49 per month by subscription on Coursera in the US and Canada, and can be completed in less than 3 months of intensive studies. In other countries, your cost may be lower.

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