Professional Certificate in Excel from the University of British Columbia

Advance your career with Professional Certificate in Excel from the University of British Columbia. Unlock Excel’s potential to extract meaningful insights from data and progress to advanced data management and analysis.

Taking this Professional Certificate in Excel will boost your employability and career prospects whilst also being a useful tool to analyse data in everyday life, such as when managing personal finances. Excel is an easily accessible software that is a valuable tool in all aspects of life and should be considered critical for personal development.

UBC’s Professional Certificate in Excel description

Everyone recognizes Microsoft Excel, yet few people use it to its full potential. It’s ubiquity and ability to effectively manage large amounts of data make it an ideal data analysis tool that offers something for everyone. From the fundamentals to advanced use cases, Excel can be your ally when it comes to streamlining tasks and delivering valuable, professional data insights. In this program, even beginners can work their way up to extracting actionable intelligence from raw data, by using Excel’s powerful tools for data manipulation.

Starting with the fundamentals, and progressing to advanced data management and analysis, this hands-on Professional Certificate program will equip you with the tools and methodology to master Excel skills. Learn to carry out regular tasks faster than ever before, create models and templates with multiple scenarios, and design professional visualizations and build reports and analysis from raw data extraction.

Using data effectively goes beyond simply understanding a tool’s functionality. Drawing on real-life examples, this program will also help you integrate data analysis into your everyday thinking; to recognize how and when Excel can be used to problem solve and provide valuable insight. Developing this data-centric mindset will give you a truly competitive edge that is valued across industries.

Program outcomes

At the end of this Professional Certificate in Excel, you’ll be able to:

  • Identify data analysis use cases and develop a data-centric mindset for problem solving.
  • Use data models for analysis and manipulate raw data to extract insights.
  • Analyze data using Formulas, Functions, Datasets, Tables, PivotTables, Pivot Charts, What-If Analysis and Decision-Making Tools.
  • Create attractive data visualizations for easy consumption, including generating, modifying and formatting charts and dashboards.

Program details

  • Duration: 5 months (2 – 4 hours per week )
  • Pace: self-paced
  • Cost: $402.30

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