IBM DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate

Interested in a career in DevOps? IBM has officially launch its DevOps and Software Engineering Professional Certificate. Enroll now and launch your careers today!

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) DevOps jobs will grow by 23% between 2022 and 2030 and the average salary for a DevOps Engineer in US is $128,119. If you want to enter a growing field with high salaries, you should get into DevOps.

To become a DevOps engineer, you need either a degree in Computer Science or a professional certificate from a coding bootcamp like the one proposed by IBM.

Reasons to enroll in IBM DevOps Certificate

This DevOps professional certificate from IBM is suitable for both – those who have none or some programming experience, as well as those with and without college degrees. It offers you a unique opportunity to gain in-demand DevOps skills set, tools and technologies and prepare you for an entry-level role in Software Engineering.

Moreover, the program will help you develop skill sets in a variety of DevOps philosophies and methodologies including Agile Development, Scrum Methodology, Cloud Native Architecture, Behavior and Test-Driven Development, and Zero Downtime Deployments.

During this training, you’ll learn and practice various DevOps concept through an applied project. More precisely, you’ll learn to

  • write efficient programs with Python and shell scripts,
  • create projects in GitHub,
  • containerize and orchestrate your applications using Docker, Kubernetes & OpenShift,
  • compose applications with microservices,
  • employ serverless technologies,
  • perform continuous integration and delivery (CI/CD),
  • develop testcases,
  • ensure your code is secure,
  • monitor & troubleshoot your cloud deployments.

In the last part of the end of the program, you will apply your skills and knowledge acquired to demonstrate your proficiency in DevOps practices.

Guided by experts at IBM, you will be prepared for success.​ Labs and projects in this certificate program are designed to equip job-ready hands-on skills that will help you launch a new career in a highly in-demand field.

The certificate program, which is approximately 9 month unlimited access to video courses, quizz and assessments, that can be taken anytime and from anywhere and features content delivered by expert instructors, costs USD $39 per month.

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